On the campsite

These activities can our guests use free of charge:

  • Playground
  • Trampoline
  • SUP
  • Rowboat
  • Pedalo
  • Canoes
  • Watertrampoline
  • Swimming
  • Bicycles
  • Stilts


 Lake Oldevatn is a very popular lake to go fishing. Here you can find trout and char. Fishing equipment and fishing lisence can be bought in the reception. The price for a fishing lisence is 50 NOK for a day, 100 NOK for a week, and 300 NOK for the season.

If you want to fish with a net, you need to buy a fishing lisence for the season. Floating nets is not allowed. It’s only allowed with bottom nets with a mesh up to 32 mm.

One fishing license applies for one fishing tool.









Briksdal glacier

The most famous arm of the Jostedal glacier. It’s a 3 km easy walk from the carpark.

Loen Skylift

Loen Skylift is a popular attraction in heart of Nordfjord. The shuttle line takes you from the fjord to the top of Mount Hoven (1011 meters above sea) in only 5 minutes. At the top you’ll find Hoven Restaurant with a spectacular view of Lodalen, Olden and Oldedalen. You’ll also find lots options for shorter and longer hikes.

Via Ferrata Loen

Via Ferrata Loen is a phenomenally beautiful hike from fjord to mountain. The walk goes along an adapted climbing path where you the whole road is safe in a wire. The trip goes on a path up to 440 meters, then in via ferrata (iron road) and over Gjølmunnebrua (bridge), further up to the top of Hoven at 1011 meters above sea level. There are different levels of difficulty. Return either with Loen Skylift or on a construction road down to Opheim 280 m.



On the way to Geiranger you’re able to add many other destinations on the same route. If you drive via Strynefjellet, you can add a route via Gamle Strynefjellsvegen (FV 258) and Dalsnibba before heading down to Geiranger. From Geiranger you can take the ferry to Hellesylt and the FV 60 back. Or you follow the RV 63 to Trollstigen and Åndalsnes. From Åndalsnes you follow E136 to Spjelkavik, where you take off to FV 60 and follow it back.ake.


FV 258 Gamle Strynfjellsvegen

Ytre Nordfjord


The coastal area has a lot to offer. Follow the panorama road (Fv 698) from Stryn to Nordfjordeid, and follow RV 15 from Nordfjordeid to the coast. Here you’ll find many pearls such as Kråkenes lighthouse, Kannesteinen, Hakallegarden and Stadtlandet with all their beaches.


Kråkenes fyr





Stryn and Olden is known for it’s clothing and textiles, and large companies such as Skogstad Sport, Ricco Vero and Moods of Norway comes from this area.

As a guest at Oldevatn Camping, you get discount deals at Skogstad Sport in Olden, Innvik and Stryn.

Skogstad Sport

Ricco Vero